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Colleague Testimonials: Check Out These Faces!

June 29, 2016

Dear friends,

More than seventy artists have participated in the seventeen shows we have produced since 2011. Many of them were generous enough to offer the following words about working with Homecoming Players. We're feeling the love.

Every artist on every Homecoming Players show receives a stipend. We believe that work deserves compensation, and artist fees are the biggest part of our budget (minimal as they are). We are so moved by the work our colleagues do; our little city is lousy with talent!

We need your help to save our artist fees. Help us help your friends and neighbors, the artists who comprise Homecoming Players. Please consider a donation of $10. Every sawbuck helps.

Please go here to make your $10 contribution (it's tax-deductible).

We're thrilled about our fifth season, and hopeful that 2017 will dawn on American history in a salutary way.

Thank you.

~Rachel and Arthur

You can find this album on Facebook, too: CLICK!

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