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Our Shows, So Far (June 2016)

2016 Season

2014-2015 Season

Images from Previous Shows, December 2014

Key to the photos: 1. Kristin Sad & Gary Weissbrot in Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? (2013). 2. (from left) Kristin Sad, Elizabeth Livesay, David Kossack, & Eliza VanCort in Moose Murders (2013). 3. (from left) Helen T. Clark, Mike Davie, & Melanie Uhlir in The Miss Firecracker Contest (2014). 4.Jacob G. White* in Quartermaine's Terms (2014). 5. Michelle Courtney Berry in Good People (2014). 6. Eileen Hagerty in The Book of Liz (2014-2015). 7. Ross Haarstad in Moose Murders (2013). 8. (from left) Brett Bossard, Jesse Bush,* Kristin Sad, & Judith Andrew in 8 (2012). 9. (from left) Rachel Hockett, Arthur Bicknell, & Robin L. Booth in In the Car with Blossom and Len (2013). 10. (from left) Kit Wainer & Katie Spallone in Good People (2014). 11. (from left) Camilla Schade & Carolyn Cadigan in Dotty (2014). 12. (clockwise from leftmost) Kathryn Russell, Dean Robinson,* Judith Pratt, Arthur Bicknell, Greg Bostwick, Michael Kushner, Marcel Merwin, & Megan Watt in rehearsal for My Great Dead Sister (2011). 13. Rachel Lampert* (& David Romm in background) in 8 (2012). 14. Erica Steinhagen* in Quartermaine's Terms (2014). 15. Marriage equality advocates Steve Snyder-Hill and Joshua Snyder-Hill promote 8 (2012). (*Member, Actors' Equity Association.)

Our Staged Reading of 8 the Play, August 2012

Inaugural Production, May 2011


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